An extremely important segment of the process of establishing a diagnosis and choosing a treatment  is lab testing, which, apart from its preventive significance is widely used when confirming a diagnosis and monitoring the results of the treatment. Pathohistology is a science that focuses on establishing a diagnosis based on microscopic analysis of a tissue sample. For the first time this type of analysis is at disposal in a private establishment. The fact that patients are not familiar with is that, anywhere in the world, even a simple PAP test is interpreted by pathologists.

Thanks to automated tissue processing, the basic histological analysis of the sample (H&E preparation) of endoscopic and incisional biopsies is processed within 24-48 hours, and in cases of operative materials and bone marrow biopsies it is done in 48 hours. In case of additional analyses (immunohistochemistry, ISH, FISH, cytogenetics), processing and analysis take a little longer, up to 7 days. The cytological analysis can be processed the same day. A modern apparatus for ex tempore analysis during the operation allows the finding to be processed within 15 minutes after receiving the material.

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