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For more than 20 years CODRA has been on a mission to provide the highest level of health service to its patients. We follow contemporary world medical trends, hire revered experts in all of the medical fields and by doing so we justify your trust any given day.

We constantly invest in education of our doctors and medical staff and zealously work on spreading the knowledge about the cutting edge methods, in different fields of medicine. Each day, around 100 employees, high profile experts in all the medical specialties, are devoted to preserving your health. In a comprehensive manner we deal with the health of the whole family, including prevention, cutting edge diagnostics and treatment. In order to conduct all of the medical procedures in a highest professional level the CODRA hospital continuously invests in acquisition of the cutting edge medical equipment made by the most revered manufacturers. By doing so we continue to provide the best possible service, through humane and dignifying approach to each patient individually.


When to have breast surgery?

Female beauty has always been imperative. Cultural and social parameters of female beauty have changed over time, but the need...

Permanent solution for hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by excessive sweating. The whole body can sweat excessively - generalized (secondary) hyperhidrosis, or individual...

Minimally invasive techniques for treating discus herniation

Disc herniation is the result of degenerative changes that lead to wear or damage to one or more discs. Displacement...

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Strabismus - diagnosis and treatment

Strabismus – diagnosis and treatment

Hyperbaric medicine

Hyperbaric medicine

Ophthalmology center

Ophthalmology center

Hospital treatment

Hospital treatment


Ultrasound machine RS85 Prestige – a step up in ultrasound and Doppler diagnostics


Diagnostics and treatment according to the latest world standards

Thoracic Surgery

Only in CODRA! Lung tumor removal procedures.

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