Interventional radiology

Interventional radiology is a part of invasive radiology which, by using radiology machines( ultrasound and scanner above all), cures certain diseases. Radiology machines are used in order to enter human body i.e. the pathological change directly. They are introduced purposely (usually a special type of catheter) in order to treat the disease and remove the abnormality without  a surgery.  These types of interventional radiology procedures are not carried out, like in cases of surgeries, under general anesthesia. They require mild sedation and analgesia. The interventional radiology procedures last shorter than surgeries, they are less invasive and patients recover quickly.

The CODRA Interventional Radiology center employs highly specialized radiologists, subspecialists in interventional radiology, specially trained to perform interventional radiological procedures. CODRA has a modernly equipped room for interventional radiology.

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