Thoracic surgery

Thoracic surgery Center, as well as the rest of the centers in CODRA Hospital, follows the latest trends in diagnostics and treatment. Within the shortest time frame, in just a few days, we establish the diagnosis, by conducting all of the invasive and noninvasive procedures. After completing the diagnostics,  the consilium comprised out of thoracic surgeon, pulmonologist and, if needs be, oncologist make the decision and propose the further treatment or surgery.  Within the shortest time frame we start the necessary treatment and/or perform surgery, following the latest doctrines in the field of thoracic surgery and with the application of the cutting edge technology. All of the aforementioned shortens the treatment time and significantly increases the chance of successful healing.

Within the Thoracic Center we conduct a complete non invasive and invasive diagnostics (X Ray MSCT,  the latest ultrasound with fusing scanner images or magnet with the live ultrasound image, bronchoscopies with biopsy, mediastinoscopy with biopsy, lung and pleural biopsies, pathohistological findings…)

Within the Thoracic Surgery center we provide the following treatments and surgical procedures:

– All types of thoracoscopic and open surgeries, malignant and benign pathologies

– Lung resection in malignant and benign diseases

ONLY IN CODRA!!! LUNG CANCER SURGERIES- Lobectomy, Bilobectomy, Thoracoscopic pneumonectomy, without a classic incision, through one port, which significantly facilitates and shortens the postoperative course

– Atypical lung resections

– Lung decortication

– Thymectomy

– Biopsy and removal of cysts and tumors of the mediastinum via the neck approach

– Correction of congenital chest wall deformities (funnel and chicken chest)

– Resection with reconstruction of the chest wall in benign and malignant tumors

NEW!!! ONLY IN CODRA!!! Permanent solution to HYPERHYDROSIS

(excessive sweating) VATS (thoracoscopic) sympathectomy

– Pleural effusion treatment (malignant and benign) and pneumothorax

– VATS (video-assisted thoracoscopy) with pleurodesis and talcum powder

– Diaphragmatic hernia correction

– Operative treatment of goiter on the neck

– Minimally invasive thyroidectomies – minimal incision (lobectomies and total thyroidectomy)

– Biopsy of lymph nodes on the neck and in the armpit

– Drainage of the neck and mediastinum in case of inflammatory processes

Within the center there is an oncological consilium who make the decision about the preoperative diagnostics, treatment as well as the postoperative therapy of the oncology patients.

photo: Codra

The members of the Thoracic Surgery Center are the most revered experts :

  • Prof.dr Miloš Koledin, longtime head of thoracic surgery in Sremska Kamenica, now employed by our hospital
  • Associate professor Ivan Kuhajda, longtime head of thoracic surgery in Sremska Kamenica
  • Prim.dr Dejan Ilinčić subspecialist for minimally invasive thyroid surgeries
  • Associates, thoracic surgery specialists dr Bojan Milačić, dr Branko Čampar, dr Saša Uskoković

After the surgery, the patients rest in ICU under constant surveillance of the anesthesiologists-intensivists and thoracic surgeons.

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