IVF (Assisted Human Reproduction)

CODRA’s IVF Center is the biggest facility of such type in Montenegro. Within the CODRA Hospital it works hand in hand with Gynecology and Urology center and it provides each and every couple with a unique, original and personalized concept of approach to treating the infertility. In the CODRA IVF center all the known services that fall under the assisted reproduction technologies are available and they are conducted by a highly skilled team, comprised out of national and international specialists hailing from different areas of reproductive medicine.

The center is equipped in order to comply with the highest world standards in order to provide the patients with the best quality and high success rate of the implemented procedures.

Through cooperation with CODRA Urology and Surgery Center, CCAR is identified by the patients as providing a complete specter of services which proves the irreplaceable feeling of trust and security throughout all of the procedures. And when the pregnancy occurs, we provide the patients the possibility to follow the pregnancy with all of the follow up analyses and examinations as well as the delivery of the baby in the CODRA obstetrics ward.

The following procedures are available in the CODRA IVF Center:

  • Establishing of diagnosis of infertility within a single day
  •  Spermogram and sperm culture (WHO criteria)
  • Preservation of fertility: cryopreservation and vitrification (freezing) of spermatozoa and eggs
  • Surgical harvesting of spermatozoa from testicular tissue (TESA/TESE)
  •  NEW! – MICROTESE procedure
  •  Induction of ovulation
  •  Intrauterine Insemination IUI
  •  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  •  Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), combined with:
  •  Preselection of high-quality spermatozoa (PICSI)
  •  Selection of vital spermatozoa (HOST)
  •  Artificial activation of oocytes
  •  Physiological activation of immotile spermatozoa
  •  Embryo vitrification and blastocysts
  •  Treatment of repeated unsuccessful implantation
  •  Procedures to increase implantation potential

The members of our team are as follows: Prof. Dr Dragoljub Perović, urologist, PhD Nikola Stanišić, gynecologist, PhD Luka Anđelić, gynecologist, Prof. PhD Artur Bjelica, gynecologist, PhD Igor Gogić, gynecologist, MSc Maja Šoć, embryologist, MSc Jelena Žižić, embryologist, dr Lars Johansson, embryologist, dr Dragan Đurović, urologist, PhD Vladimir Brajović, urologist, PhD Zoran Mrkić, urologist, dr Đorđije Perović, resident urologist.

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