Dr Branko Markuš

Born in Cetinje in 1976, where he completed primary and secondary school. Graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade. After graduating from college in 2001, he served his military service and graduated from the school of reserve officers of the medical service. Worked as a doctor in the garrison clinic in Raška. He completed his medical internship at the Clinical Center of Serbia and then started working at the Department of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine, Institute of Maritime Medicine, CVMU Meljina. There, he encountered hyperbaric chambers for the first time, the application of HBO therapy in clinical medicine, the treatment of injured divers, as well as the selection examinations of military divers. He is going to VMA to specialize in maritime medicine (underwater and hyperbaric). Spent a year at the II Military Medical University in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, training in diving medicine. At the age of 30, after passing the specialist exam at the VMA, he became a specialist in maritime medicine and began working at the Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine in Banjica, where he spent 4 years working on the implementation of HBO therapy in clinical practice. He goes to the OXY Polyclinic in Croatia, where he works in centers in Pula, Crikvenica and Dubrovnik, performing tasks in the domain of hyperbaric and diving medicine. He continues to work at the Special Hospital for Hyperbaric Medicine in Belgrade, where he also begins to engage in scientific work. He presents works at European congresses of hyperbaric medicine, and in 2015 he won the first prize at the congress in Amsterdam. He also occasionally works at the HBO center in Vrnjačka Banja. Continued working and gaining experience in other institutions such as the Special Rehabilitation Hospital Ribarska Banja – HBO cabinet. Engaged in the establishment of the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine BAROMED in Trebinje as well as the HBO Center GERACO in Leskovac. In the aforementioned institutions, in addition to his work as a doctor, he also trained staff for the use of HBO therapy, management of the HBO system and organization of the HBO center. Conducted staff training and implementation of the work system at the HBO Center of Dr. Strika polyclinic in Zenica and RR medical in Ljubljana.

In CODRA hospital, in charge of hyperbaric medicine, in the field of implementation of good clinical practice for HBOT, staff education and HBO center organization.

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