Cataract surgery – restore good eyesight in a fast, comfortable and painless way!


The CODRA Ophtalmology center offers fast and efficient solution for the eyesight problems

Shortest path to a precise diagnosis with thorough examination and most up to date approach and modern technologies, to permanent solution to the problem.

Cataract surgery – With ultrasound surgery – phacoemulsification under local anesthesia, in less than 10 minutes, in a one-day surgery – without no hospital stay, visual function impaired by cataract is restored. This allows you to be able see immediately after the operation. Only immense experience in this technique, as well as in solving various complicated cases, provides maximum safety and use of all possibilities of modern ophthalmology.

Cataract surgery is now largely a refractory procedure, which means that with cataract surgery and the implantation of appropriate intraocular lenses, diopters can be rectified as well.

Nowadays, you can choose the most optimal intraocular lenses, which even turns this problem into an advantage, but only if the surgery is of high quality, performed by top experts in the field. This is exactly the kind of service you get at Codra Hospital from the most eminent experts in ophthalmology.

At the age when the need for additional near-sighted glasses begins to present itself, a surgical procedure and implantation of a multifocal or EDOF intraocular lens provides the quality of vision that existed in youth.

In the Ophthalmology Center of CODRA Hospital, starting from dioptric examinations, to solving more complex procedures, constantly improving and using the most modern technologies, our team is ready to respond to any challenge. The diagnostic procedures we use are mostly non-invasive for the patient. With a detailed medical history and with the help of modern equipment, we diagnose the problem, give further guidelines and propose the best solution for your eyes. Together and committed to the goal.


Within the Ophthalmology Center in two ophthalmology outpatient clinics, equipped with the most modern equipment the following diagnostic procedures are performed:

Complete ophthalmic examination, ophthalmic ultrasound examination (AiB scan), OCT-optical coherence tomography, computerized visual field (CVP), eye pressure measurement, daily eye pressure curve, eye dryness test (Schirmer test), pachymetry, IOL Master-biometric characteristics of the cornea and lenses, color vision testing.


Within the surgical block of the CODRA Hospital, with seven ORs, one is intended exclusively for ophthalmology and is equipped with the most modern devices of the state of the art technology for performing eye surgical procedures

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