Dr Vladimir Draganić

Specialist in ophthalmology

Head of the Department for the Front Segment of the Clinic for Eye Diseases of the Military Medical Academy.


Dr. Vladimir Draganić was born in 1965. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade in 1991.

From 1993 to 1996, he was specializing in ophthalmology at the Clinic for Eye Diseases of the Military Medical Academy, where he has been permanently employed as a specialist ophthalmologist since 1997.

He speaks English fluently. His professional field of work is cataract surgery – phacoemulsification, and he is a licensed instructor for cataract surgery with the Alcon and Bausch & Lomb systems. He performed several thousand cataract operations (at the top in terms of the number of operations performed in Serbia). Among operated cataracts, the most severe cases are represented in a large percentage (cataracts after injuries – traumatic cataracts, cataracts associated with other eye diseases, congenital cataracts). He also performed a large number of anterior segment reconstruction operations, after injuries or previous operations with complications.

He held a large number of lectures, as well as courses in the field of cataract surgery, showing how to solve the most complicated cases. He is always invited not only as a lecturer and instructor, but also as a chairman in cataract sessions at ophthalmology congresses. He is the head of the department for the anterior segment of the Clinic for Eye Diseases of the Military Medical Academy.

General information
• Born on May 9, 1965

• 2004 – Promoted to senior instructor for phacoemulsification for Bausch&Lomb
• 1997 – passed the specialist exam in ophthalmology at the VMA
• 1992 – graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade

Movement in service
• since 2011 – head of the first department of the VMA eye clinic
• since 2009 – instructor for implantation of multifocal, toric and premium lenses (Alcon)
• since 2004 – senior instructor for phacoemulsification Bausch & Lomb
• since 1997 – employed as a specialist in eye diseases at the VMA Eye Clinic

Professional training
• 2004 – KCS Institute of Eye Diseases – training in the field of corneal and eyelid surgery
• 2006 – Clinic “Miloš” – training in the field of implantation of multifocal and iris clip lenses

Area of ​​interest
• Cataract surgery – Many years of experience in the implantation of intraocular lenses of the “premium” group as well as multifocal, toric and aspheric lenses, as well as solving possible postoperative complications.
• Eyelid surgery

• Association of Ophthalmologists of Serbia
• Ophthalmology section SLD

• Phacoemulsification in uveitic cataract. In: Abstract book.VII Serbian ophthalmology congress; 2006; Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia; page 25.
• Complications of PHACO surgery and ways to solve them. In: Abstract book. IX Serbian ophthalmology congress; 2008; Zlatibor, Serbia; page 42

LINK: http://www.drdraganic.com/

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